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Getting Started

  • Desk
    This is the launching page for Student Sheet. This is where you can choose between classes, edit class information, invite students, and archive your classes.
  • Instructor Feedback
    This is the evaluation instructors complete about a student's speech presentation.
  • Mark Graded
    This button will record the grade into the gradebook. Once clicked the grade will be visible to students.
  • Peer Review
    This is the assignment that allows students to answer questions regarding another student's speech presentation.
  • Return
    This option allows you to send a submitted assignment back to a student for more work and revisions. Return means the work is not done. You should not return work that is completed or has been graded.
  • Self Review
    This assignment is for student's to complete by answering questions about their own speech presentation.
  • Speech Prep
    This is all preliminary work completed by students for a speech assignment. Speech Prep includes the main points & goals exercise, full sentence outlines, speaking notes, and summary questions exercise.
  • Quick Responses
    These are up to four categories student's can evaluate their peers on during speech presentations. These are anonymous and student's are presented with averaged results immediately after speaking.
  • Have additional terms you want defined?
    Submit a Support Request by clicking above and we'll add it.
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