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A New Benefit for Fall 2022 Classes

All users enrolled in a fall 2022 semester class are now automatically eligible for a new benefit with their Pops subscriptions. All users now have access to unlimited Speech Practice sessions. If you are a student, that means you can practice as many times as you'd like for your speech presentations without purchasing additional sessions. If you are an instructor, that means your students can now harness the power or automatic speech feedback without any additional fees. Additionally, students will retain access to Speech Practice even after their class ends this semester. More information on how to retain access to Speech Practice will be released later this semester.

For instructors, if your class currently has access to Speech Practice, you will need to include it on your assignments. If your class currently does not have access to Speech Practice, it has been added to your class, and you will need to include it on your assignments. When you include it on your assignments you will need to give it a due date and point value. The point value can be set to zero and these practice sessions do not have to be graded. If you prefer your current class not to have access to Speech Practice on their speech assignments, please let us know and we will make an alternate arrangement for your student to not miss out on this new benefit.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my class qualifies?

Qualifying classes feature “(F22)” at the end of the class name in Pops.

I thought I had unlimited practice sessions already, what is changing?

I already purchased unlimited and/or additional sessions this semester before September 20, 2022, can I get a refund for these sessions?

I accidentally purchased additional sessions after September 20, 2022, what can I do?

I don’t see “Speech Practice” as an assignment in my current class, what should I do?

When I begin a Speech Practice assignment, it shows 1000 sessions remaining and is counting down, what does this mean?

I am an instructor, and I would like my future classes to have unlimited sessions by default, how can this happen?

I am an instructor, and I would like this benefit personally, can I be included?

My class has not yet begun, but is an F22 class, am I still included?

My class is a U22 class, can I be included?

My class is a W22 class, will I be included?

I subscribed to Pops for an F22 class that I decided to drop, am I eligible?

I am enrolled in more than one F22 class, what will I receive?

I am going to retake my F22 class in a later semester, will I receive unlimited sessions in my new class?

My school pays for my Pops subscription, am I eligible?

I am an instructor; how do I add Speech Practice to an existing assignment?

I am an instructor, and I don’t want my existing assignments to include Speech Practice, what should I do?

How long will I retain access to Speech Practice after my class ends?


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