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Creating Custom Self Review & Peer Review Forms

Creating custom review forms for your students to complete is easy.

  1. Open the Assignment Creation Editor.

    1. For a new assignment click "+New" in the top right corner

    2. For an existing assignment click the three dots next to the assignment name and then the pencil icon.

  2. In the relevant section, either Self or Peer Review, click "Create New" under the template library selection.

  3. Give the form a title (your students will not see this title, this is simply for you find in your library later).

  4. Type in the first question in the corresponding box.

  5. If your question requires multiple answers, you can add additional student response boxes by clicking "+Add Response."

  6. Click the "+Add Question" button to add additional questions. You can continue adding multiple responses to each question as you need.

  7. Continue adding questions as needed.

  8. Click "Create"

  9. In the Assignment Creation Editor, select the template you just created from your template library.

  10. Click "Create" or "Update" to save the assignment.


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