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Giving your Speech

  1. On your device, click on the Participate page on the left side of the screen.

  2. When it is your turn to speak, the controls for the screen and Speaking Notes will appear automatically on your device. You do not need to do anything with the Presenter Screen that is actually presenting your aids.

    1. Using your Speaking Notes:

      1. As you speak, once a note has been used, tap it to gray it out (this will help you remember where you are in your presentation)

    2. Using Visual Aids (listed under Presentation Tools):

      1. These are buttons that will project each Visual Aid to the Presenter Screen

      2. Tap a visual aid to “display” it

      3. Untap a visual aid to “hide” it

      4. On videos, tap the play button to start a video and the pause button to pause the video

    3. Using the Timer:

      1. To time yourself while you are speaking, hover over the timer to reveal controls

      2. Click the play button to start the timer, the pause button to pause the timer; the reset button to reset the timer back to zero

  3. When you are done speaking, your Student Device will lose the controls, you can remain on the Participate page to participate in other student’s speeches (see “Participating During Speeches” article).


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