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Importing Grades to a Third-Party LMS

We understand many schools require grades be added to their learning management system, exporting grades from Pops and importing them into a third-party LMS is easy. However, grade importation depends on factors outside of our control, often determined by your school's LMS system and administrative settings. Our team will help you navigate the process via a video call.

General steps are outlined below, but each LMS is different and changes frequently. Many of the steps listed only have to be completed once and the process is streamlined for subsequent uploads.


Step One - Locate your Roster in your LMS

  1. In your LMS, export the grades or roster. Be sure this file includes the student identifier number.

  2. Save this file to your device (we'll call this file "LMS Prep")


Step Two - Export your Grades from Pops

  1. On the Grades, page click "Export Grades."

  2. Save this file to your device (we'll call this file "Grades")


Step Three - Preparing the File for Import

  1. Open the Grades CSV file in a spreadsheet editor.

  2. Add a new column C.

  3. Open the LMS Prep file in a separate window of a spreadsheet editor.

  4. Copy the student identifier number for the first student.

  5. In the Grades CSV file, paste the number for the matching student.

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for all students.

  7. Save the Grades CSV file.


Step Four - Import the Grades into your LMS

  1. Import the Grades CSV file to your LMS gradebook. Note: Each LMS is different, please refer to their instructions on how to locate the import feature.

  2. Follow your LMS' on-screen prompts to create new assignments using the names from the Grades CSV file.

  3. Follow the steps provided by your LMS to complete the import.


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