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Participating During Speeches

  1. Click on the Participate page on the left side of the screen.

  2. As your classmates speak, Peer Quick Responses will appear on this page, anonymously rate your peers based on the criteria on the screen.

  3. If a full-length Peer Review is required by your instructor, it will appear as your assigned peer(s) speak, answer the questions prompted; your work will save automatically (you can come back later to finalize this review on the Work page outside of class).

  4. As your peers speak, the Peer Quick Responses will continue to appear, when it is your turn to speak follow “Giving Your Speech” article.

  5. After the last speaker, log out of Pops Classroom.

These features are dependent on your instructor activating them and utilizing them. If no Peer Quick Responses appear, then they have likely opted to not use these features.


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