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Removing a Student from a Class

Note: When you remove a student from a class, work previously submitted by the student will no longer be accessible, grades previously entered will no longer be available. We recommend only removing a student once they have officially dropped or withdrawn from the class with your school's registrar. While we can add the student back to the class, their work and grades may not be recoverable.

  1. Log into Pops.

  2. Do not open the class, instead stay on the class list.

  3. Click the three dots next to the class name

  4. Click the roster (people) icon.

  5. Scroll to the student you wish to remove.

  6. Click the three dots next to their name.

  7. Click the trash can.

  8. On the warning box, confirm that you wish to remove the student.

  9. Wait just a moment for the system to process the request (this may take a few seconds).


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