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Understanding F##, W##, S##, or U## in Class Names

To help instructors and support staff keep track of classes, we have adopted a standard nomenclature for class names in the form of semester codes. These letters and numbers correspond to the class term they are in and the year and are added to the end of the class name.

  • F## is used for Fall Classes (generally classes beginning in August, September, or October that last until mid-December)

  • W## is used for Winter Classes (generally the shorter class sessions beginning in December or January that last until early or mid-January)

  • S## is used for Spring Classes (generally classes beginning in January or February that last until late April, early or mid-May)

  • U## is used for Summer Classes (generally the shorter class sessions beginning in May, June, or July that last until May, June, July, or early August)

  • ## Corresponds to the calendar year in which the classes began. Classes beginning in one calendar year and ending in the next will use the year in which the class began.

  • Classes that span multiple semesters will feature both semester codes.


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