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02 - How to Succeed in Basic Communication Classes and How to Set Class Goals

How to Succeed in Basic Communication Classes

It is an honor and a responsibility to be in college. You are one of few who have the opportunity to further your education by going to college. In light of that responsibility, here are some ways to improve your success rate both in your basic communication courses and all of your college classes:

  • Take learning seriously

  • Attend class

  • Take responsibility for your own learning

  • Ask questions

  • Start thinking about your assignments the first day of class

  • Plan out how you will accomplish your assignments—prepare a schedule

  • Use a calendar to keep you aware of due dates

  • Come to class prepared

  • Be prepared to listen, learn, and grow

  • Sit close to the front of the room (if possible)

How to Set Class Goals

  • Meet you instructorMake an office appointment to maks sure you are doing what is called for in the class

  • Get to know other students in the class

  • Participate in classIn disccusions
    In class exercises

  • Use all the resources available to you on a college campus to help you succeed

  • Visit our Speaker’s CenterNot just when required, but at any time
    There is a correlation between your visit to the speech mentors and your improvement in the class
    You are taking responsibility for your own learning
    Grade reflects efforts

  • Practice your speech–pracitce; practice again

  • Make mistakes-correct them-learn from them

  • Enjoy the class-it really is more fun to learn if you enjoy it

  • And finally, this is your opportunity to succeed–do it!

We all know setting goals is one way of succeeding in a project or taskyou have undertaken. By setting personal and professional goals for improvement as speakers you hold yourself accountable to work hard, do your best, and succeed.

Goal Exercise

  • On the first day of class write down three goals you want to accomplish during your time in public speaking. These may be lofty goals or small personal goals you want to improve upon while in class. You may be asked to write your goals as part of your student information assignment in the Course Materials. Ask your instructor what he or she prefers. But remember, the goals are there for you to work toward and challenge yourself to improve throughout the semester.

  • Put the goals away in a place you’ll remember.

  • At the end of the semester take them out and see how far you came during class.

  • With your hard work, effort, and willingness to try new things and ideas we think you will be amazed and pleased at your improvement.

  • Set goals—they really do work!

02 - How to Succeed in Basic Communication Classes and How to Set Class Goals
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