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03 - Let Your Anxiety and Apprehension Work for You

There are several things to remember about the feelings which may be swirling around inside your body and head during your speech preparation and on the day of your speech.

  • First and foremost, it’s NORMAL

  • You are psyching yourself up to do a good job

  • Think of it as apprehension of a new situation

  • You are anxious to convey your message to your audience

  • You care about doing well – you want to do well

  • Introduce yourself to your audience members as they come in

  • Develop a rapport with your classmates

  • Breathe

  • Get your speaking notes arranged on the lecternDon’t rush the first part

  • Look up – we are friendly!

  • Establish eye contact with all sides of the audiencePick a friendly face in each third of the audience and talk with them
    It will become easier to expand your eye contact to others

  • Visualize your audience and your successful speechThink it
    See yourself doing well
    Your mind creates your reality

  • Remember to talk with your audience not at them

  • Get out and away from the lectern during your speechHelps your connection with the audience

  • Plan your movement – don’t wander haphazardly

  • Plan and practice your hand movementsWork with the “power triangle” for extraneous hand movement

  • Don’t tell them you are nervousYour audience does not see inside you

  • Be extemporaneous – carry on a heightened conversation

  • Be prepared – the more prepared you are the more confident you feel

  • Be organized in your message

  • Learn to use your speaking notes to guide you throughout your speech

  • Use the Speaking Mentors

  • Enjoy the opportunity to share your hard work on the speech and your message with your listeners

  • Practice – Practice – Practice

03 - Let Your Anxiety and Apprehension Work for You
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