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06 - Being an Audience Member

Being a Supportive, Critical, and Thoughtful Audience Member

In front of every good speaker is a supportive, critical, and thoughtful audience member. Your role as an audience member is vital to the success of the speaker. Remember: they are speaking for you – Be receptive.

Here are a few guidelines for being a supportive audience member:

  • Be on time to class – don’t interrupt the speaker

  • Be courteousTreat the speaker as you want to be treated when speaking

  • Listen with your eyes, ears, and heart

  • Be responsiveProvide supportive non verbal feedback

  • Silence your cell phones

  • Don’t text

  • Put away any distracting materialsBooks, papers, computers

  • Pay attention to the speaker

  • Stay focused on the message

  • Try not to evaluate the speaker but the message they are conveying

  • Maintain eye contact with them – let them have an audience to talk with

  • Be open to new ideas and new ways of thinking

  • It is appropriate to applaud at the end of the speech

  • Be able to provide thoughtful specific feedback if asked

06 - Being an Audience Member
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