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28 - UofL: Student Information Activity

Your Activity

If required by your instructor, answer these questions in a document and upload them to the corresponding assignment in Student Sheet.

This information that you provide is kept confidential (unless your class decides to generate a list of phone numbers and/or email, for example, and even then you certainly do not have to include yours). Your student information simply gives us an idea of your background in public speaking, your interests (generally), and your goals for the course. It also helps us stay in contact with you throughout the semester. We look forward to getting to know you.

  1. Name

  2. Contact Phone (work, home, or cell — please indicate)

  3. UofL email

  4. Major

  5. Year in College

  6. What speech courses have you taken previously-in high school, at UofL, or at other colleges?

  7. Do you have any public speaking experience outside of the classroom? If so, please describe.

  8. List one or two of your favorite hobbies, interests, or extracurricular activities.

  9. How do you anticipate applying the knowledge learned in this course to your major or career?

  10. What are these specific goals for improving your public speaking in this course?

Please acknowledge that you have read and understand the syllabus and that you agree to abide by the course policies and procedures in the syllabus.

28 - UofL: Student Information Activity
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