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30 - UofL: Course Materials Activity

The purpose of this activity is to ensure you have read through and understand the Course Materials policies and assignments (and your instructor’s syllabus).

Your Activity

If your teacher has prompted you to complete this assignment, answer each question in a document and upload it to the corresponding assignment in Student Sheet.

  1. According to the Materials, what are the required text and materials for the course? (Hint: You are using one!)

  2. What is your professor’s email address?

  3. What are your professor’s office hours?

  4. Where is the main Communication Department’s office?

  5. Where are the Speech Mentor’s located? (Hint: Think Speaker’s Center!)

  6. How do you find out the Speech Mentor’s office hours?

  7. What happens if you fail to deliver your speech on the assigned date?

  8. What is the absence policy for your particular class (3x week, 2x week, 1x week)?

  9. Where is the Attendance Policy found? (Hint: There are multiple locations–just name one!)

  10. What happens if you show up to class after roll has been taken?

  11. What are the four things stated about plagiarism that you need to know?

  12. In your instructor’s syllabus, is there a penalty if your cell phone rings during someone else’s presentation? If so, what is the penalty?

  13. Complete this phrase: “An emergency on your part, does not…” (Think: Attendance)

  14. Where is your professor’s office?

  15. Who is your professor?

  16. Who is the Director of Basic Communication Courses at UofL?

30 - UofL: Course Materials Activity
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