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33 - Speaker's Center

Speech Mentors

Office: Strickler Hall LL021

Main Communication Office Phone Number: (502) 852-6976

Use the speech mentors to help you prepare and practice your speeches.

They are highly qualified students who have already completed the basic COMM 111 or COMM 112 and Advanced Public Speaking courses with excellent work and grades.

  • They know what you should expect for your speeches and how you can achieve greatness.

  • They are excellent sources to brainstorm ideas with for your speeches.

  • They can help you prepare, practice, and present your speeches.

  • They may also give you guidance on topic choices, supporting materials, outlines, visual aids, etc.

  • They will not write your speech for you!

  • But the only way they are useful is if you come to them and let them help you. And do it early!

The various office hours and e-mail addresses  for the speech mentors are located at the web address above. You do not have to set up an appointment; just drop by the center during office hours. Your instructor may also provide a link on their Blackboard site for your class.

The Communication Department main office (Strickler Hall 310, phone number (502) 852-6976) also has directions for you to access the Speaker’s Center and the speech mentor information.

If you are not reaching your potential on your speeches, you may be asked specifically by your instructor to visit a speech mentor for help.

There will be an electronic notice of comments, work areas, and relevant information covered during your visit sent directly to your instructor’s email after your visit. Some instructors give a range of extra credit for visiting a speech mentor. Ask.

You will benefit greatly from their help. Use them. Your speech will show the difference.

Speech mentors may not be available during the summer courses. Check with your instructor.

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33 - Speaker's Center
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