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34 - University Resources


Students with disabilities who need accommodation (seating placement, arrangements for examinations, etc.) should inform the instructor at the beginning of the course. You should contact the Disability Resource Center on campus for additional accommodations.

119 Stevenson Hall

(502) 852-6938

Counseling Center

You have access to personal counseling on the Belknap Campus. If you are feeling overwhelmed, troubled, or just need to talk to someone, please contact the University of Louisville Counseling Center. Your instructor may be able to help guide you to the center—ask them.

Cardinal Station

215 Central Ave., Suite 201

Louisville, Kentucky 40208

(502) 852-6585

Dean of Students

Please get acquainted with the Dean of Students’ office. They “promote a positive learning experience and make available opportunities for students to achieve their full academic and personal potential.” If you are having issues or need help and guidance academically, please contact them.

Student Activities Center, Suite W301

2100 South Floyd Street

University of Louisville

Louisville, KY 40292

(502) 852-5787

The Redbook

“The Redbook of the University of Louisville is the basic governance document of the University.” It contains “some University-wide policies and procedures.”

Career Development Center

Start early in your college career getting help for after graduation. They help with cover letters, résumés, interviews, job postings, and other career opportunities. Let them help you advance in your career.

2211 South Brook Street

Houchens Building, Lower Level LL03

(502) 852-6701

Note: Speed School students can visit their Co-Op & Career Coach in the Duthie Center for Engineering.

REACH - Resources for Academic Achievement

REACH provides academic services and specific support programs to enable students to better prepare and adapt to college life and to enhance their academic skills and performance in college courses. We encourage and support students in developing successful college careers.

Tutoring in a variety of subjects

General information: Strickler Hall  Lobby Room 126

(502) 852-6706

Title IX/Clery Act Notification

Sexual misconduct (including sexual harassment, sexual assault, and any other nonconsensual behavior of a sexual nature) and sex discrimination violate University policies. Students experiencing such behavior may obtain confidential support from the PEACC Program (852-2663), Counseling Center (852-6585), and Campus Health Services (852-6479). To report sexual misconduct or sex discrimination, contact the Dean of Students (852-5787) or University of Louisville Police (852-6111).

Disclosure to University faculty or instructors of sexual misconduct, domestic violence, dating violence, or sex discrimination occurring on campus, in a University-sponsored program, or involving a campus visitor or University student or employee (whether current or former) is not confidential under Title IX.  Faculty and instructors must forward such reports, including names and circumstances, to the University’s Title IX officer.

For more information, see the Sexual Misconduct Resource Guide (

The Writing Center

The University Writing Center helps any U of L writers—students, faculty, and staff—to work on their writing by providing individual sessions, writing resources, and a comfortable place to write.

Belknap Campus: Ekstrom Library, Room 132

HSC: Instructional Building 120

(502) 852-2173

The writing center is to be used for writing papers and such, not to write your speeches. Use the Speaker's Center (Strickler Hall LL021) for help with your speeches. You can learn more about the Speaker's Center in your Course Materials on Student Sheet.

There are many more services provided by UofL to help you with your work as a student and alumnus--do not hesitate to search for them on and visit them.

Please remember: When making choices regarding this course (speeches, assignments, attendance, etc.) please keep in mind: Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on our part.

34 - University Resources
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