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35 - Other Course Policies


You are expected to show up for class on time and stay the entire period. Attendance may be taken at various times during the class. Consequently, if you have not already made arrangements with your instructor, you may be marked absent if you arrive late to class or leave early. Being tardy is rude to your classmates and instructor.


Plagiarism is a serious affront to the educational system and will not be tolerated. A student will receive at least a zero on any assignment that is plagiarized. Your work on speeches, papers, and tests must be your own original work.

Plagiarism means:

  • Copying someone else’s work and claiming it as your own, including but not limited to work that is accessed in person, from computer files, or from the internet.

  • Paraphrasing someone else’s work and claiming it as your own.

  • Collaborating excessively with another person and claiming the work solely as your own.

  • And, of course, cheating on tests and work.

  • Students are advised to become familiar with the Student Code of Rights and Responsibilities (U of L Student Handbook) for more details on this matter.

Cheating and Plagiarism:

  • Glancing at another student’s exam,

  • Using unauthorized materials during an exam (hidden notes, text messages, etc.)

  • Helping someone else to cheat.

  • Copying someone else’s work and representing it as if it were your own by not using quote marks and proper citations.

  • Paraphrasing someone else’s work and presenting it as your own by failing to use proper citations.

  • Collaborating excessively with another person, or having them write an assignment for you, and claiming the work as your own

For a more specific description of plagiarism, consult Section 5-E of the undergraduate catalog.

Plagiarism on any assignment will result in a minimum of a ZERO for the assignment, and may result in failure of the course and other disciplinary action.

Cell Phones

Please turn off or silence cell phones when you enter the classroom (except for an emergency situation—in that case, be sure to notify your instructor). Turning off/silencing phones is simply a matter of common courtesy for other members of the learning environment. Constantly checking your phone for messages and updates is rude to your classmates and instructor. Be present during class.


Texting during class is rude to the speaker, your classmates, and your instructor. Please refrain from texting until you are out of the classroom. If continued texting occurs you may be asked to put your texting device (cell phone) at the front of the room, to be picked up after class is over.

Laptop Computers

Please turn off or put away your laptop computers during speeches. Note-taking during lecture may be permitted, but computer usage to check Facebook, surf the internet, or complete work for this class or another course during your classmates’ speeches is rude and distracting.

Please be aware: Your instructor may have an individual policy for continued cell phone, texting, and computer use. Note: Your instructor may prompt you to use Student Sheet on a laptop, cell phone, tablet, or other device during speeches or class sessions.

Face to face communication is an important skill that is suffering greatly from the rise of technology. We highlight and stress the importance of acquiring face-to-face communication skills in this course.

Security Standard Policy

Please observe at all times your classroom environment for the safety of all personnel and students. At any time, please be aware of exits, entrances and places to maximize your safety and that of others. We do not anticipate any problems on this campus but we want to foster not only learning but your safety as well.  If an emergency should occur in the classroom that is beyond the instructor’s control, the proper procedure is to call the University’s Dept. of Public Safety (852-6111).

FYI:  If an emergency should occur in the classroom that is beyond the instructor’s control, the proper procedure is to call the University’s Dept. of Public Safety (852-6111).

35 - Other Course Policies
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