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36 - Course Technology

This course uses a variety of technology and software platforms (some of which are required by the University).


Students are required to use Pops to write outlines, submit evaluations, and other assignments in this course. It is important to check Pops frequently for new assignments and class chats (in CONNECT Chat). For support while using Pops or tutorial videos, click on your profile picture (top right corner) and then click “Support” or visit: The Pops team will then be able to assist you.

The Pops team can only contact you via the email address you provided at registration. It is strongly encouraged this be your UofL email address. If you need to update this email address, click your profile picture and then click “Settings.”

University Email

As a student in a basic communication course or a student in an online or Web-based course, you will be required to use your UofL student e-mail account.

Using this account instead of another personal account for your course will allow for all of your university information and course e-mail to be in one place and with university virus protection.

Once you have accessed the ULink Web page, look to the lower right on the page. There is a link for “first time user” if you need to create your password. Follow the instructions on creating your UserID/password.

Once you have successfully logged on to your U of L e-mail account, please familiarize yourself with how it operates, how to read your incoming mail, how to send outgoing mail, and how to send mail with an attachment. Please check your U of L e-mail regularly.

Important Note: The university standard e-mail issued to each student/employee will be the one listed in Blackboard.

Your e-mail is your

Please remember: Your instructor will only be able to contact you through your U of L e-mail account. Please make sure to check it frequently.


Your instructor may utilize Blackboard in a variety of ways throughout the semester, such as for communication, to record grades, testing, and other functions. It is important for you to be able to acess your account.

Access Blackboard directly by typing in or by navigating to, clicking on “My Accounts” on the right side of the page, and then the Blackboard bar on the list. You will use the same user ID and password you use for e-mail and other network services.

Locate the course you wish to enter and click on the listing. This will bring you into your main Blackboard menu for the course.

You are also able to access Blackboard from the Communication Department’s home page:

Please remember: Your instructor may make regular posts/announcements to Blackboard. Please make sure to check it regularly.

University Technology Help Desk

If you have questions or problems contact the Help Desk 24/7 at (502) 852-7997 or e-mail the Help Desk (

The University Technology Help Desk can provide assistance for UofL specific items. They CANNOT provide support with Student Sheet. Please contact for assistance with Student Sheet.

36 - Course Technology
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