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37 - COMM 111: General Course Information


Your Communication 111 faculty and speech mentors welcome you to a great semester. We look forward to getting to know you and working with you. Our goal is to help make this class a positive experience so public speaking becomes one more way for you to succeed in your lives, whether it’s in business, at a family gathering, or maybe even your run for the school board, metro council, senator, representative, or perhaps even president!


In order to realize these shared goals, you need to be committed to COMM 111, which means seriously considering the choices you make concerning the class, your effort and integrity, desire to improve, and your future goals. We are here to help, but the commitment and work must come from you.


As are most courses at the college level, this is a course in responsibility. This responsibility is to your class, to your peers, to your instructor, and most importantly, to yourself. As part of this responsibility, you should work diligently on your assignments, come to class, participate in discussions, be on time, be prepared to learn, and do your best work.

Basic Communication Course Mission Statement

Instructors of the basic communication course strive to create learning environments that are respectful communities welcoming a variety of ideas, thoughts, questions, beliefs, and attitudes. Our role as educators is to offer information; motivate you to respond; and encourage you to try new things, accept challenges, participate in thoughtful discussion and critical analysis, and deliver exciting and well-prepared speeches and presentations.

At the University of Louisville, the Director for Basic Communicaiton Courses is Katherine Taylor. Her office is located in Strickler Hall room 310. Her phone number is (502) 852-6976. Her email address is

The main Department of Communication office is Strickler Hall room 301. The part time faculty office is Strickler Hall room 308F. Their phone number is (502) 852-3084. Check your course syllabus for their office hours and email addresses.

The University Speaker’s Center is in Strickler Hall room LL021 (that’s the basement). Their office hours vary. Ask your instructor when the Speaker’s Center is open.

Required Materials

  1. Pops Classroom access – You’re here! Pops Classroom is an online speech outlining tool. You will submit your outlines, speaking notes, peer and self evaluations, and receive your grade through Pops Classroom Your instructor may choose to have you submit additional assignments through Pops Classroom. To learn how to use Pops Classroom or request help, visit:

  2. A video-capable phone, computer, or some other recording device to record each of your speeches.

Supplemental Materials

  • Hard copy text: Beebe & Beebe. Public Speaking: An Audience Centered Approach.10th ed. Pearson. May be purchased along with an access code for the REVEL (required) program at local bookstores OR as an additional purchase online at the link provided by your instructor on Blackboard.

  • Your individual instructor will talk with you about what channel/medium may be best to record each of your speeches.

  • Computer access.

  • U of L e-mail account. This is how your instructor will contact you during the semester. You will need to check it frequently for updates, changes, and information pertaining to your class.

37 - COMM 111: General Course Information
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